Poverty is the Problem

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Nearly half a million Houstonians live in poverty.

Main Street Ministries is a source of love, support and encouragement to folks on the journey out of poverty…

Building Bridges Out Of Poverty

Main Street Ministries’ Bridges Out of Poverty explores how people from diverse segments of a community can be encouraged in an educational setting, to work together to reduce and prevent poverty. It is designed to provide a common language, new perspectives, and effective tools to equip individuals, organizations, and cities to create effective strategies and solutions for building stronger, healthier communities. Bridges curriculum works off the beliefs that 1) people in poverty are problem solvers with valuable assets and that 2) relationships are key to building and transferring resources.

Building strong, healthy communities requires the participation of all community members across disciplines (education, healthcare, social services, faith communities, businesses, etc.) The Bridges Out of Poverty constructs and key points provide a common language and framework from which agents from diverse sectors of the community can work to eradicate poverty together. 

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Main Street Ministries, in partnership with interested churches and organizations, can bring the Bridges Out of Poverty training to you and your team. Please use this form to contact Outreach and Engagement Manager, Courtney Arnold for more information.

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