Life Empowerment Programs

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Life Empowerment

We empower our workshop graduates to secure housing, achieve stability, and move towards sustainability. Through our workshops and collaborative partnerships, we are able to attain these goals. 

Life Empowerment Workshops


Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ By World (GA) is a facilitated award-winning program in English and Spanish to help individuals build their own personal plan to escape poverty and create personal and community sustainability. GA curriculum includes:

  • The realities of conditions in your community and how they impact you
  • Some of the “hidden rules” for getting ahead
  • Skills that give you confidence to do what it takes to get ahead
  • How to build resources and make connections at home and at work
  • Ways to deal with change and create stability in your life

This 5-month program works with people who desire to make a change in their lives, are housed with at least some stable income, and are in a mentorship, case management or other relational program with a support organization. Financial assistance is provided to support the process of change.

Family Hope

Family Hope, a curriculum developed by Main Street Ministries’ staff, is an extension of the GA program providing graduates with an additional four months of support to continue work on soft skills, develop resources, and reinforce commitment and plans to change.

The Family Hope curriculum includes:

  • 32 classroom hours
  • Practice soft skills
  • SMART goal development
  • Financial assistance

What did Getting Ahead make you aware of about poverty?  – “That it’s not a stigma. People don’t choose to live under bridges.”

Life Empowerment Participant

Staying Ahead Workshops

Main Street Ministries offers continued education for Life Empowerment graduates, to develop meaningful, supportive connections with peers in their community. The classes, which are often based around the interests and goals of alumni, typically include topics such as financial literacy, housing assistance, interviewing techniques, and more. The goals of Staying Ahead and other Life Empowerment workshops are to:

  • Remove Barriers
  • Empower Change
  • Affirm Value and Purpose
  • Create Community

Life Empowerment provides education, community, and financial assistance to support Houstonians on their path out of poverty.

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All volunteers will need to fill out a volunteer application. Start here.

Ready to Get Involved?

All volunteers will need to fill out a volunteer application. Start here.