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Our dedicated volunteers bring renewed hope and faith by sharing Christ’s love and light to those we serve.

259 Individuals Volunteered

7,717 Hours Completed

Value of Time: $245,401

For the most part, my career has been filled with accomplishments, successes, opportunities, lots of learning and great people. Nevertheless, work has always been a necessity, a means to an end, the route to providing for me and my family.

As a volunteer for Main Street Ministries, I have, without expecting it, found the answer to the question I have asked myself for many years - - What is my purpose? Why am I here? I am here to stand in for God in the world and to carry out any work he calls me to do and to do it for His glory. That work is whatever I am led to do at Main Street Ministries. I experience such deep satisfaction knowing I am connected here, through the grace of God. I can certainly say that I am proud of the work I do, the person I am and the difference I make.


Operation ID Administrative Lead Volunteer

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