Main Street Ministries (MSM) works hard all year to fight poverty and provide resources to Houston’s under resourced. Each year we host a breakfast to celebrate New Beginnings and help raise funds to help our community.

Barrier Removers

Murray Investment

The DeLorenzo Family

Change Empowerers

Katherine & Sean Keenan

Will Bos & Mark Hammer

Tracey Fox King & Walters

Sue & Gil Baumgarten

Kevin & Lesley Lilly

Community Creators

Fred & Sara Robertson

Monarch Realty

Greg Allen CFP, TD Ameritrade

Property Tax Partners

Value Affirmers

Ji Rim & Alf Tischler

Kerry & Eric Sandberg

Morales Law Firm

Jim & Diane D'Agostino

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

Kelley Stewart & Allan Pringle

Susan & David Miclette

The Huynh Law Firm, PLLC

Ryan Scott & Julie Mirlicourtois

Keith & Kimberly Cole

Melissa & Ryan Hunzeker

“I was living in affordable housing and just getting by, MSM has helped me to not just get by but to raise up and have even more stability. That is what I needed and to find my purpose. And through MSM I found my purpose and it is to give back and help other women that struggle like I do and that is very important but my main purpose is to share the love of Christ."
Getting Ahead Graduate


Phil Pierce
Operation ID Servant Leader

Phil Pictured with client in 2018

The Way Maker Award reflects Isaiah 57:14 where God calls on his people to remove barriers for individuals on the margins, making a way for them to be a part of community, living with purpose, and honoring who God created them to be.

‘Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.’
Isaiah 57:14

In 2004, Phil was asked to lead Operation ID by Pastor Carl Hamilton of First Presbyterian Church. Phil enthusiastically agreed, and as Phil has said, “things have never been the same.”

Phil worked as Operation ID’s Program Manager for 17 years. He led with his gift of creating a structured, hardworking environment, filled with love and true care for the clients being served each day. Phil touched the lives of many.

2023 EMCEE 

Jim Stern

Jim Stern is back again! Last year we said Jim would wake you UP better than your morning cup of coffee and he delivered. He will make sure you leave the breakfast full hearted, inspired, and energized. We love being in his presence and we're sure you will too!

Jim is the founder of TREXO, a ministry dedicated to training disciples to multiply disciples.

Main Street Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The difference between the amount of your payment and the amount of goods and services received may be deductible as a charitable contribution. The estimated fair market value for this year’s breakfast is $30 per person and will be confirmed closer to date of the event.


contact our Event Coordinator, Brittany Landry, at